what to do when your last day is in sight

Recently I heard from someone who had been on a long term freelance assignment (that she hoped would keep going through the new year), but they told her that her last day would be at the end of the month.  She asked for suggestions on how to best use her remaining time there.

Aside from continuing to work as hard, and as well, as you’ve been doing, it’s important to connect with people in a way that will turn them in to long term connections.  You do this by developing relationships that you’ve already started.

Start by creating a list of who you’ve interacted with and would like to keep in touch with.

Some possibilities to include:

  • People who were “above” you and you would like to thank.

For example, did you really love the Executive Creative Director but never got to work with him?  Then, ask his assistant if he thinks that the ECD would be open to a meeting set up simply to meet him and say thank you.

Or how about the Account Director that you worked with and learned so much from?  You could either stop by her office or send a meeting invite.

  • People who you worked with and appreciated.
  • People who seem well connected + could be good contacts for networking moving forward.
  • People who you can offer something to. 

For example, if someone asked you if you know of a realtor and you never got back to them, send it to them now. (By the way, I DO know of a really good, trustworthy realtor in NYC).

Then what?

Think about what you’d like to say to each person. 

Some possible points to touch on:

  • Let them know when your last day is.
  • Thank them for the opportunity and tell them what you liked about working there.
  • Ask them if they know of any openings at another company that you might pursue.
  • Ask if they work with any headhunters that they really like or if they have any internal recruiter names that you could reach out to. 

Then depending on what you want to communicate with each person, you could casually stop by their office, schedule a brief meeting or invite them out for coffee or lunch.

Hopefully by now, you know how these people like to communicate.  If not, and they have an assistant, ask them.

Often, I hear from my clients that they don’t want to bother people. But, think about it.  If someone approached you like this, how would you feel?  I doubt you’d be annoyed.  People love to hear that someone enjoyed working with them.  Most people like to help someone else out too. Not everyone follows through and that’s why I added the step about connecting with the people that you have something to offer to.  Be a connector. It’s takes a little extra effort, but it’s always appreciated and we could always use more connectors.

Finally, after you’ve done all of that, still send out an email to your contacts to give them your contact information. After they’ve heard from you directly, that good-bye email will have that extra OOMPH.


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