Joan D

I was stressed out about my job.

I’d worked for the same company for 12 years, and it felt like everything was coming at me at once. I wasn’t even sure if it was possible to get out from underneath it all.

I felt both overwhelmed and stagnant—like I was moving backward.

I wanted to make a change, but I didn’t know what, or how to get started, or even in what direction to go.

I needed clarity.

My family and friends were supportive, but they either didn’t really know my industry or how to get me unstuck.

Even though I had no idea how career coaching worked and had only given it passing thought before, I wanted to get out of my situation so badly that when I first spoke with Anne, I decided to work with her right away. I really liked her tone.

Anne really got my industry—creative publishing—so I trusted her judgment.

Anne helped me see that I was working hard but not giving myself enough credit.
She helped me appreciate my own body of work.

She also helped me see that moving forward wasn’t a crazy idea — it was doable.
People do it all the time. And Anne helped me put together strategies on what to do next.

She helped me see that I had a set of skills to bring to anybody, and that I could take them with me wherever I went next.

As we focused my attention more on what my next move might be, I started to see opportunities outside of where I was. So, I noticed a gradual shift from being focused internally to looking outside more. Envisioning a life after this.

I slowly realized, ‘Wow. This is something I could do.’

I’ve been out for three weeks now.
I’ve been putting the word out and networking.

Anne said the difference between my voice now and when we first spoke is like night and day.

There are possibilities.

Oh my goodness, it’s a good feeling. Empowering. I didn’t wait for something to happen or for something to change. I did something about it.