Clyde M

After I was laid off from my last job as an information architect, I decided to work with Anne to clarify what I wanted to do next, so I could continue building my career.

My resume was actually fine at the time.
I was getting plenty of calls.

But I wanted to clarify what I wanted, so I didn’t settle for the first thing that came my way.

Anne could help me focus on where I really wanted to be.

Also, being unemployed was unfamiliar ground for me, and I wanted someone who already knew my industry and could help me find my footing.

Because Anne had placed so many creative types as a recruiter, I felt good about working with her. She was familiar with agencies and with contractors. She could see possibilities.

I never thought I could make a good living doing contract work, but Anne helped me see that I could.

She wasn’t just talking about feelings and reflecting things back to me. She actually helped me figure out what to do. She gave me my confidence back. With Anne’s help, I decided to transition from full-time to contract work.

Anne explained all the rules of the game. What to expect, how to handle things. Working with Anne, I became more confident about negotiating rates and negotiating other contract details, and more confident about working with new people. It was a different world, but with Anne it didn’t feel completely foreign.

When I needed advice, Anne flat-out helped me make some important decisions.

The homework Anne gave me was so helpful that just thinking about it gave me clarity and kept me on track.

I would absolutely recommend her to anyone else in my position.