Celeste G.

In just a few days, I went from being a Copy Director to being completely consumed with finding a job.

My employer had eliminated most of its staff, and suddenly my days were spent at home glued to my computer, searching and applying for jobs, getting zero response.

I was scared. I didn’t know how long I would be unemployed. I didn’t think I interviewed well.
I was afraid my resume didn’t reflect what I was capable of, or what I’d done in the past. I felt stuck. I couldn’t figure out how to communicate my value.

Your friends want to be supportive to a point, but after a while they start to tell you, “Enough already. Figure something out. Stop complaining about it and do something.”

I was tired of asking people to recommend me.

Even though I’d never even heard of a career coach, something about Anne made me feel this was worth a shot. Plus, my best friend loved her.

Anne gave me hope. And homework.

Anne gave me very clearly defined deliverables every week, gave me a sense of purpose and structure—as opposed to my old way of endlessly going through job sites. She helped me bring my resume to a place where it should be. Working with Anne made me feel like it was going to be okay, and that I wasn’t alone.

Anne is one of those people who make you feel you’ve known them forever.
She was sympathetic without being patronizing. She helped reduce my stress level considerably.

Her access to the ad industry was invaluable.

Not only did she help me prepare for a big interview at an ad agency, but she actually knew three of the people I was meeting with, and sent them an email recommending me before I went in for my interview. She also briefed me on what to expect.

Even though I didn’t get that job, they did call me back for freelance work.
I started freelancing, and Anne was an important part of helping me continue to get freelance work.

In fact, I recently just got a full time job!