I was tired of asking people to recommend me.
Even though I’d never heard of a career coach, something about Anne made me feel this was worth a shot. Plus, my best friend loved her. Anne gave me hope. And homework. Not only did she help me prepare for a big interview at an ad agency, but she actually knew three of the people I was meeting with. Even though I didn’t get that job, they called me back for freelance work. And just recently, I got a full-time job!”
– Celeste G. (Writer)

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Career coaches, in my experience, are a bit like bad personal trainers.
They have their own idea of what’s going to work, but they can’t tailor it to fit you. They just want to push you into their own model of success. But from the first email with Anne, I just got a good vibe. I got on the phone with her and thought, ‘I like this person! I think this is the person I want to bounce ideas off of.’”
– Chris Durso (Art Director)

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I never thought I could make a good living doing contract work, but Anne helped me see that I could.
She wasn’t just talking about feelings and reflecting things back to me. She actually helped me figure out what to do. She gave me my confidence back. With Anne’s help, I decided to transition from full-time to contract work.
– Clyde M. (Information Architect)

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I’d worked for the same company for 12 years, and it felt like everything was coming at me at once but I wasn’t moving forward.

I felt stuck. My family and friends were supportive, but they either didn’t really know my industry or how to get me unstuck. Anne really got my industry—creative publishing — so I trusted her judgment. She helped me see that moving forward wasn’t a crazy idea — it was doable. I’ve been out for three weeks now. Oh my goodness, it’s a good feeling. Empowering. I didn’t keep waiting for something to happen or for something to change. I did something about it.”

-Joan D. (Photo Editor)



“Here’s what you want to know; Anne’s excellent at her job. She listens. And I mean really listens until she understands your needs. Your career goals. Where you are and where you want to end up. She’s dedicated and persistent and professional and connected. And she’s a hell of a person.  She helps you get from here to there. And she’s a great partner through the entire journey. I should know. She recruited me. And I’ll definitely use her services again. Here’s what you want to know; Anne’s excellent at her job.” – Caspian Michalowski, Creative Director/Copywriter

“Anne’s spectacular eye for talent, great touch, and lovely approach make her a gem of a recruiter to both work through and with. I trust her completely and have always been the better for it.” – Oonie Chase, Director of Experience Design at Weiden & Kennedy

“Anne is one of the best recruiters I have ever worked with in any discipline. She is a fine judge of talent — creative prospects that she advances almost always have the creative skills needed to succeed at Digitas. She is assiduous in pursuing each candidate and effective in describing and selling the opportunities and culture at Digitas.” – Rich LaFauci, COO at Gust (recommendation from working together at Digitas).