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If you know what you’d like to do next, but are scared, overwhelmed and not sure how to get there, I’ve got something to share with you.

Michelle Ward, the When I Grow Up Coach, has created: “An Effective Escape: how to leave your day job without ending up in your parent’s basement.” (This is an affiliate link, but seriously, I only affiliate with things I believe in. And if nothing else, go see the cartoon character of me because the resemblance is kinda scary) In this workbook Michelle, in her inimitable way, cheers you on with tips, tools, resources and worksheets to help you dig deep in to your own story.

I certainly could have used this when I started out and in fact, there are things that I can still use now that I’m in my 4th year of business.  Personally, I made so many mistakes when I started out that if I ever do a workbook, it would be called “What Not To Do.”   (Anyone want to buy some beautifully designed portfolio tags for messengering portfolios around town?)

One thing that I did do was believe that it was possible to work for myself and not listen to any negativity. I was fortunate that my friends and family were very supportive. They all believed in my abilities and so, I continued to as well. Don’t get me wrong, there were moments of complete fear and paralysis and there still are from time to time, but I’ve developed a very good ability to detach from unnecessary worry.

There’s a big difference between worrying and planning.  When I realize that the Vampires (as Michelle calls them) are in my head telling me I’m a fool and will never amount to anything I determine if there’s something I need to be doing, rather than avoiding, and then figure out how to deal with it. If the voices are taunting me for no good reason, then I do something to clear my head and put things in perspective. It usually means a change of venue.

I have a client right now who is working in an industry that he thought he would retire in, but when he came to me, he felt that something was off. Through our work, he has discovered what he would like to do next which is start a business of his own. Now, I’m looking forward to his completing these worksheets to help him develop a concrete plan.

Leaving your day job and going for your dreams is risky. But, if you’re not taking risks then you’re being complacent. Is that really what you imagined for yourself?  Michelle helps you plan and prepare so that you don’t end up living in your parent’s basement. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s better to do it by choice. For short periods of time).

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