loosen your grip on your goals

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To reach your goals, it’s important to visualize what they are and what they will look and feel like, but to not hold on too tightly to your limited view.

As big as we can dream, it’s often much smaller than what is possible if we actually take actions towards the goal and let go of the results.

Creating a vision is part of making goals and so is creating an action plan to reach them. But while on the path, it’s important that we keep our eyes open to other opportunities. How do we do that? Follow our passions and do what we love to do.

Don’t be afraid to goof off once in awhile if that means you’re engaging in something you love.  Everything doesn’t have to have a purpose other than our own enjoyment.

I saw this quote somewhere today. It said “Wake up you don’t have to sleep to dream”

That’s what I encourage my coaching clients to do when they’re searching — stay awake and alert to what’s around them. I also wrote about it here: “Being An Explorer”

Sure, the path might seem circuitous and make no sense at all when you’re taking it. But when I look back on my career now, I see that a lot of seemingly random turns really made sense in the big picture.  My core values are what have driven me, without my even knowing it, but now I work with people on how to identify them, which can help ease the feelings of uncertainty. My fear is what sometimes held me back, and other times I was able to plow through it, or help my clients do it, and that’s the best approach of all.   My curiosity and determination keep me moving forward, even when my vision for the future is foggy. I help my clients move forward even when it’s uncomfortably unclear.

I trust. I trust myself and my network to whom I go for counsel and to get support from.

I trust that if I keep my grip loose and let things unfold, it’s all really going to be okay.




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