loosen your grip on your goals

To reach your goals, it’s important to visualize what they are and what they will look and feel like, but to not hold on too tightly to your limited view. As big as we can dream, it’s often much smaller than what is possible if we actually take actions towards the goal and let goContinue Reading

how to cut through the clutter and focus

Do you ever have so many things to do and feel so scattered that you feel your body clenching and that your brain will short circuit? I know you have because it happens with my clients and to me. In fact, it happened after I posted my first video. I had visions of posting themContinue Reading

Being An Explorer

When I was a kid in the back of my Mom’s silver Pinto noticing that we were clearly lost, I would ask her if she knew where we were going. She would always say with great enthusiasm, “We’re exploring!” That somehow eased my mind and I would sit back and stare out the window. ThereContinue Reading

moving forward

I’ve moved some of the posts from my old Ruby Creatives site over to this site with their original published date, but given all that’s happened over the past couple of months, this one (from April 13, 2010) seems relevant for right now. After seeing all the damage of Hurricane Sandy, I have been havingContinue Reading

opportunity or distraction?

I work with my clients on creating a vision for their future and going for it.  I help them remove obstacles, real and imagined, take actions and move forward. But what happens when something unexpected appears in their path?  Should this be considered a “distraction” or could it instead be an opportunity worth consideration? ItContinue Reading

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