always follow up

Whether you’ve just met someone at an event, on the subway or had an exploratory meeting or interview, always follow up with a thank you. When appropriate, make sure you know what next steps might be and who will be instigating it. For introverts this might not come naturally, or for extroverts, not seem worthContinue Reading

Creative Interviews & Presenting Portfolios

I’ve just written a post for Mommikin (a place for Moms to find Creative Inspiration) called How to Present Your Digital Portfolio.  I am really excited about this post and their site overall as there are some really talented creative women there, so please check it out. But right before this article was posted, somethingContinue Reading

Part 2 of my interview with UX recruiter, Joanne Weaver

This week I continue my conversation from last week with Joanne Weaver of The Joanne Weaver Group. Below the video there’s a guide to what we discuss and more helpful links. * Educational Backgrounds of UX people.  * Getting out from behind your computer to connect with people. * Interview Follow up * Organizations andContinue Reading

My interview with UX recruiter Joanne Weaver

My “mystery guest” interview has arrived with my good friend, Joanne Weaver.  This is part one of a two part interview where we talk about careers in the User Experience field.  Being my first video interview, I’d like to thank Joanne for being such a fun and easy going first guest.  We did a coupleContinue Reading

Being An Explorer

When I was a kid in the back of my Mom’s silver Pinto noticing that we were clearly lost, I would ask her if she knew where we were going. She would always say with great enthusiasm, “We’re exploring!” That somehow eased my mind and I would sit back and stare out the window. ThereContinue Reading

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