Creative Interviews & Presenting Portfolios

I’ve just written a post for Mommikin (a place for Moms to find Creative Inspiration) called How to Present Your Digital Portfolio.  I am really excited about this post and their site overall as there are some really talented creative women there, so please check it out. But right before this article was posted, somethingContinue Reading

Introducing Creative Recruiter, Jeremy Spink

I’m very happy to introduce my new recruiting partner, Jeremy Spink. He has been working with me for the past few months and we’ve found that we have the same desire to help creatives find not just any job, but the one that truly fits them best. We’re mostly focused in NYC, but hope toContinue Reading

What’s New in the Year of the Horse

           (This beautiful image is by Jan Lakey. To view more of her work, visit: Hi everyone! We’ve launched into 2014 and if you’re familiar with the Chinese calendar it is officially the Year of the Horse.  There’s lots of different information about it online, but the one I’m goingContinue Reading

Ta da! My first video: what to expect

Hi everybody! As promised here’s my first video.  I hope you will forgive the things that need fixing like the lighting + my “ums” and oh, so many things to work on.  Also, hang in there past the first few seconds, i get a little tongue tied in the beginning and still need to figureContinue Reading

Taking Another Leap

Hello again! I have been on an unofficial writing sabbatical, a long sabbatical, and I apologize, especially to the new subscribers who have signed up and who have been waiting for a new post.  Thank you for your patience, and for subscribing—I hope you will find this space more beneficial once it gets rolling again.Continue Reading

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